Expired/Wrong Product
We strive to provide you with the best service possible, but sometimes mistakes can happen. If we sent you the wrong items or expired product, please file a claim within 7 days of delivery and take a picture showing the error. We will take care of the shipping costs and send you a shipping label.
Did Not Want / Changed Mind
We will accept returns for anything - no questions asked - as long as you file a claim within 7 days of delivery. All we ask is that you be responsible for shipping.
Defective Product
File a claim within 60 days of delivery and we will issue credit for defective product once we have received them from you. Setting defective items aside and filing a monthly claim in bulk is a great way to keep track of these.
Other Cases
We understand that there are sometimes unique cases where you might need to return product. Please file a claim and provide any photos/videos that might pertain to your situation. Once our team has reviewed your claim, we will reach out to you with any steps to proceed.
Need Help or Have More Questions?
Please feel free to email us or use the chat feature on our site. Our dedicated customer support team is here for you!