WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Hohm Life


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Hohm Work
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Sherlock Hohm
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Started with raw materials sourced from multiple renowned providers
Collaboration & guidance from the source of it all, IC (aka: Indonesia Chemistry)
Lowered internal resistance by a multitude of various internal modifications (used UHPAI for cathode tag, shortened cathode tag, among other mods)
After 1000’s of trials and tests, we zero’d in on the perfect combination of what we call PPLS (Price, Power, Longevity, & Safety)
Expanded our safety efforts by placing EPTC rings in each and every battery as well as integrated updated Poly Seals.

Sherlock Hohm - 20700 - 28.4Amp - 2782 Mah
HohmWORK- 18650 - 24.7Amp - 2576 Mah
HohmLIFE - 18650 - 20.7 Amp - 3077 Mah